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Many cis women know that having, what is considered a gendered illness, means a lack of research and money in endo treatment. Our gender is part of the struggle to access proper healthcare, so as support groups and awareness has grown, so has the rally call of being a woman with endo.

But, not everyone with endo identifies as a woman, these people are often completely neglected in being recognised in educational handouts, posts on social media, and in support forums. Endo can bring isolation, and these people are further isolated in places they should be welcomed.

We are committed to representing under represented groups, including people of colour, transgender people and intersex people. 

It’s this charity's focus to support and welcome every ENDO WARRIOR, not just for Pride month, but everyday. 


support groups

We hold in person support groups once a month. 

Before lockdown we met on the 1st Saturday of every month in Tesco's community room in Portsmouth. 

We are trying to hold socially distanced get togethers in outside areas during the pandemic. 

At the moment these are cancelled due to COVID 19 restrictions, we hold regular support meetings online. 



One of the biggest challenges that Endometriosis South Coast plan to face is the education of young people. Young people need to know more about good menstrual health and what is and isn't "normal".

Many people with endometriosis tell us that they wish they had more education around menstrual disorders so they could of sought a diagnosis a lot earlier in life. 


We are proud to work in a Period Positive way, working with the framework that has been set out by Chella Quint has developed through outreach work and research. 


We are very proud to of signed the Affirmation of Feminist Principles 

this is a subject close to all of the workers within this charity. 

The statement is an attempt to reaffirm what we believe are core feminist principles and to amplify the positions that many feminists have historically chosen to take in relation to understanding gender, sex and sexuality


You can be a feminist and support inclusion of all genders..

If you feel called to do so then you can sign too