Good evening and HAPPY Friday wonderful endo survivors How are we all at the end of Episode one, Series 3 (Lockdown 3.0)? Its been a really long and busy week for myself and the news of lockdown has left me feeling drained and emotional.. but! I've been reading a lot into the power of positive thinking since finding a gratitude diary, that was gifted to me by a stranger. They had left it on a bench on Portsdown Hill, back in the summer with a note.I found it at the end of a bad day and through tears, on my daily dogwalk. It has helped me enormously to see through the fog some days and through some super low moments. The power of positive thinking hasn't taken my pain away because that would be impossible. My uterus reminds me of its presence daily but positive thinking and my daily gratitude check in has taken some of the focus away from the rubbish aspects of the current daily grind. So todays fun fact Friday is a little quiet and reflective to maybe match how we are all feeling. I've left a photo attached to this post with the note I read that day and also am insert from the book. "Today I am grateful for...." "What would make today a great day?" "I am..." "The best 3 things that happened today.."

I hope you find a comfortable position this evening and that you have a chilled, calm, lush weekend.

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