Let's welcome Jessie!

We are pleased to welcome another new Trustee to the team! Jessie Meddick joins us as Grants and Funds Trustee.

After years of bad periods, pains and flooding, Jessie was diagnosed with endometriosis at 21. The disease has since come back and spread multiple times resulting in three laparoscopies, each two years after the last. After exhausting all treatment, including Zoladex treatment which puts the body into early onset menopause, Jessie now speaks out about her journey through her Instagram @livingwith_endo. Determined to break down the stigma around periods and bleeding, Jessie hopes to provide awareness and education for all young women suffering or potentially suffering, and those supporting someone with endometriosis. Alongside this, she is determined to normalise the conversation around mental health and endometriosis.

Currently living in London working full time for a charity in the North of the City, Jessie is so excited to be part of the Endo Southcoast team as Grants and Funds Trustee, saying “I can't wait to make a difference!”.

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