Social Media Silencing - Lara Elizabeth Sargent

In 2021, we all know that social media is vital when it comes to raising awareness. It is the one place that you know your message could get anywhere in the world. For those living with endometriosis, social media is the place you can meet fellow warriors, just like you.

During the month of March, each year, the content relating to Endometriosis hits a peak as it is endometriosis awareness month. Year on year the number of people sharing their stories, experiences and guidance increases. As the disease becomes more known, the more people come forward with their own encounters to raise awareness.


Social media SHOULD BE the perfect platform for us, it can be a place where young people can find out that the crippling pain they get is not normal and maybe they should get medical help. Maybe it's the place where the person who has had enough of being ignored and tired of the daily pain is hitting a real mental low but they see someone share a post that makes them understand they aren’t alone. Some of our awareness posts may even reach the gynaecologist who thinks that pregnancy is a cure or that GP that told you ‘endometriosis is a psychological disorder, you're fine’ and help make a difference to the care we receive.

Midway through endometriosis awareness month 2021, Instagram & Facebook, for no currently known reason, have blocked, banned and restricted endo awareness accounts from liking, posting and commenting. The vast majority of the community's efforts to make our disease more known comes to a halt. Some accounts see that their captions are being deleted and posts being taken down.


Most who suffer with endometriosis experience being silenced, mostly by medical professionals, employers, friends and family members. This is caused by mis-information, taboos or ignorance.

But when one of the largest social media platforms silence an already silenced community, it feels like yet another kick in the teeth.

A platform where we can feel safe, loved, understood and most importantly heard, shuts us down, quietly, with no reasoning or explanation.

Yet again, our community is being forced to suffer in silence. Despite this, the accounts that still have the ability to post are not keeping quiet, the online protesting from the community have taken all platforms over with some creative graphics and mass sharing.


Please share this story across your social media channels so that we can get our digital voices back from instagram and facebook and find out why our community is being silenced. We will keep fighting, we will keep talking and we will not stop until we have answers!

Written by Lara Elizabeth Sargent

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