Studying Menstrual Effluent (blood), Mel Slama

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

For today's factual Friday we wanted to bring to your attention this study from the Research Out-Smarts Endometriosis" (ROSE) study.

Researchers Christine Metz, PhD and Peter Gregerson, MD, aim to find a diagnosing technique which is non- invasive, cheap, and can quickly diagnose Endometriosis.

By studying menstrual effluent (blood). Researchers found key differences in the blood samples from those with endo, and those without. "In the functional activity of a subset of cells called stroma cells".

This diagnostic screening is looking to be FDA approved in the next two years, and could dramatically impact the lengthy diagnosing times, suffering, and investigative surgeries those with endometriosis currently face.

Check it out here

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